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Our Spanish courses are available at all levels from beginners to advanced.
You can select a course from our available options based upon your specific needs, lifestyle and schedule.
All the levels are available as part time or intensive and we also have two different options for private classes!
Our language classes in Dinamo are designed to be dynamic and from day one you will be learning the Spanish that is necessary in your everyday life.


Why Choose Dinamo Academy

Central Location

Friendly Environment

Registration & Materials Included

Choose a Course Type


All our prices include registration and materials, no extra costs!

· 12 hours per/month
· 2 x 1½ hour classes p/week
· Monday & Wednesday or Tuesday & Thursday
€90 p/month


All our prices include registration and materials, no extra costs!

· 32 hours per/month
· 2h a day
· Monday – Thursday
€200 p/month

1 TO 1

Classic 1 to 1 private class.
You buy the hours, you decide how long you want each class to be!

5 HOURS* €145
10 HOURS €280 (save €10)
20 HOURS €550 (save €30)
30 HOURS €820 (save €50)
40 HOURS €1,090 (save €70)
50 HOURS €1,350 (save €100)


Is 1 to 1 too intense?
Why not bring a friend or colleague!!

5 HOURS €120 – p/student
10 HOURS €230 – p/student (save €10)
20 HOURS €450 – p/student (save €30)
30 HOURS €670 – p/student (save €50)
40 HOURS €890 – p/student (save €70)
50 HOURS €1,100 -p/student (save €100)

Looking for Private Classes? Contact us below and we'll be in touch

*Minimum booking 5 hours. *The timetables of private classes are subject to arrangement between student(s) and teacher.
*Students are required to give a minimum of 24 hours notice when cancelling/rescheduling a class.


``I love coming to classes and really look forward to them. My confidence has already improved and I can communicate better now. Thanks!``

Hannah Riley

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Want to learn more about our Spanish lessons?
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