Learn Spanish in Barcelona city centre

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Our Cultural Friends - Meskamins



Owner and hiking expert Montse Puig has already written a succesful trail guide to the Catalan countryside and there’s another one on the way!

She offers group or personalised hiking/cycling tours which include a comprehensive warm up/warm down routine specifically designed for the terrain involved. At the end of each tour there is a complementary tasting of a local product (wine, olive oil or cheese, etc.).

There’s a discount for Dinamo students too!

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Our Cultural Friends - Enculturarte



Tour guide Cristina Emilse’s company Enculturarte will show you Barcelona in a special way!

They offer routes and activities related to art, culture, and the world of wine. They provide personalised service, tailored to the needs of each group. (Tours can be in English or Spanish or a mixture of both).

There’s a discount for Dinamo students too!

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Our Cultural Friends - NIE.CAT


Get your NIE number in a blink of an eye.
It is great to live in one of the most beautiful cities in the world but it’s even better to have somebody to guide you at the beginning of the adventure. It’s Spain, it’s Catalonia and things are different here. We are a team of young people who moved to Barcelona and got through the whole process of getting a NIE.

What is a NIE?
Whether you are an EU or non EU resident. It is a legal requirement to obtain a NIE if you are planning to live in Spain, regardless if you have a visa permit, work permit or you are a student.

You can reach us at or . We will be happy to assist you!!!

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Our Cultural Friends - Als Voyages

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Als Voyages
Just arrived in Barcelona but don’t know what to visit first? Anne-Laure, our travel expert can help! Sagrada Familia, Camp Nou Museum, Park Guëll tickets… Avoid the queues, with her expert knowledge.
With more than 10 years experience in the tourism industry, she will be delighted to take care of any accommodation, transportation or anything you need to enjoy the Best of Barcelona!

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Our Cultural Friends - Fun Events Barcelona

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Fun Events Barcelona
Do you want to socialize in Barcelona? This is your community with many fun and cultural activities. We are building a big group of “funners”, international expats and local people all together.
In our events you will have fun speaking different languages, learning how to dance latin music, playing board and role playing games, watching movies, meeting new people but most of all making friends. Join us!

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